Before Scrolling Just Google the Hindi meaning of
“We broke up”

This will help you understand the need for a Linguistic skill

Google has made it literal and the real meaning of the phrase is missing

Your Linguistic pathway to Financial Independence and Career Growth!

Have you ever wondered How Alexa can speak to you in your own language? It is the game of Linguists who make these AIs understand the language in a better way. Want to make your career out of it?

Our Expertise

Translations/ Transcreations

Subtitling/Closed Captioning

Content Quality

Transcriptions/ Voice Recordings

Benefits of being a Linguist!

Remote Working

Work from anywhere in the world

Flexible Timings

Work at your own pace

Be your Own Boss

Manage your work yourself

Multiple Sources of Income

You can earn while doing your day job

What do We Offer

Translation and Transcreation

Learn the art of precise language conversion and creative adaptation to effectively bridge cultural gaps and deliver captivating content.

Subtitles and Closed Captions

Acquire the essential knowledge and techniques to create accurate, synchronized subtitles and closed captions.

Complete package

Gain expertise in translation, transcreation, subtitling, and closed captions, empowering you to create content that bridges linguistic and cultural gaps.

Starting at ₹ 8,500 /-

Program Benefit

This course is a lifetime skill for a person and is extraordinarily beneficial for people on a career break or those who are unable to do a full-time job, for senior citizens who cannot travel long distances to work, for students looking to become independent, and anyone who has zeal to learn and earn using the skills further.

Booming sectors with wider scopes for Linguists

  • Entertainment Sector (OTT, Media etc.)
  • Pharma/Research Sector
  • AI/NLP Companies
  • Gaming Sector
  • Legal Sector
  • Ed-Tech

Perks of the course

  • Certification
  • Work experience




Years of Faculty Experience


Students Satisfaction



Start your Journey towards becoming a Linguist!

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Why choose Us

Freelancing Assistance

We assist you to start your freelancing journey with mentors who have 10+ years of experience working in the industry.

Proficient Faculty

We have a team of specialists who have expertise in the linguistic field to convert our students into expert linguists.

Vocational Training

With contemplation and deliberation, we have curated a program that allows students to experience real projects.

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What Our Client Says

Swati Gupta
Swati Gupta
Trust Interact Beyond to provide a seamless & value for money experience...
Ayush Agarwal
Ayush Agarwal
Impressed by the way these guys handled the project. The People At Interact Beyond are extremely talented and I would love to continue our bonding in future as well. Good Luck To You Guys and Cheers.
Ishika Goel
Ishika Goel
Great team to work with… commendable service!!
Deepika Arora
Deepika Arora
Interact Beyond is the best linguist industry to work. Very cooperative and responsive team. Smooth payment policies..
Akshay Chaturvedi
Akshay Chaturvedi
Dedicated professionals providing quality with speed in all regional languages covering translations, transcriptions, subtitles and other language localization services. Recommended!!!
Bipin Roy
Bipin Roy
I have been working as freelancer with them from the past few months. Very professional and good assistance from the team. Project Managers are supportive and payments are on time.
Priyanka Tyagi
Priyanka Tyagi
Working here since last year, a good legit company, pays always on time, treat their employees well. Fully satisfied 👍
Sunayna Kapoor
Sunayna Kapoor
An amazing company with excellent service and a very supporting team.
I have been associated with this organisation from last couple of months. They are very professional and works well on defined timelines. The team is strong and very well coordinated. I had a great experience all together and wish to give them the projects in future as well.

Curating localized content into success.